Zornheym, debut album is out

The Swedish extreme symphonic metal band Zornheym have released their debut album “Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns” through Non Serviam Records (Season of Mist) today.

The band will invite you to step onto the grounds of Zornheim; Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and experience “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns”. Together with Dies Iona Ensembly and ZORNHEYM’s own bombastic “Chorus Tenebris” choir, they have created the perfect soundtrack to your submission into the Asylum’s care.

With visual artistry in the form of cover art by Pedro Sena – Lordigan and a concept expanding graphic novel illustrated by Art by Bring; with every chapter telling more of the gruesome tales behind each song.

“This is the first chapter in the history of ZORNHEYM and we are so very proud of the outcome. The performance of everyone involved has been amazing. To use so many real instruments from day one feels like such an accomplishment. This is just the beginning!” states ZORNHEYM’s guitarist, Zorn.


Zornheym - Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns A5Where Hatred Dwells And Darkness Reigns – 2017

1. The Opposed
2. Subjugation of the Cellist
3. A Silent God
4. Prologue to a Hypnosis
5. Trifecta of Horrors
6. …and the Darkness Came Swiftly
7. Whom the Night Brings…
8. Decessit Vita Patris
9. Hestia

Klick here to buy, stream or download “Where Hatred Dwells and Darkness Reigns”.

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