It seems like I discover new great black metal bands almost every day nowadays. This time it’s Ymir, from Finland and their self-titled full-length debut album, to be released through Werewolf Records.

The reason why this release caught my attention is that it’s released by the Finnish label Werewolf Records, who released one of my favorite albums last year, Vargrav, “Reign in Supreme Darkness”. But this record is not to be compared with Vargrav, Ymir is not symphonic, they are more of a ’90s black metal band when it comes to the sound.

The album cover suits this album really well, this is frosty and cold, kind of raw but yet melodic black metal. It sounds like the album was written and recorded during the cold and dark Finnish winter, at the place where the photo from the front cover is taken.

Ymir has a great flow all through this album, and it’s quite fast, filled with great riffs and nice hooks and turns, all delivered in a melodic way, always moving forward.

The vocals are like you can expect here, it’s harsh. quite raw and high pitched, very “typical” black metal, like how it was back in the ’90s (and still are once in a while, like here).

So if you want your black metal to sound like if it was crafted many years ago, at a different time, when black metal still was something that was underground, but with a quite modern sound, then Ymir is for you.


  1. Pagan Mysticism [8:58]
  2. Silvery Howling [5:05]
  3. Ymir [4:56]
  4. Frostland Conqueror [6:10]
  5. Winterstorms [6:03]
  6. Resurrection of The Pagan Fire [4:55]

Artist: Ymir
Album title: Ymir
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Finland
Record label: Werewolf Records
Release date: November 13, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Ymir - Ymir
  • 80%
    Artist - Album - 80%
  • 75%
    Sound - 75%


Ymir and this, their self-titled debut album is a great old, frosty and cold wind that blows from the mid-’90s to the present. This is not “something new”, and that is not the goal either, the goal is to deliver great black metal and Ymir have succeeded with that.

This is a really solid and great album, where all six songs are equally good, so to pick favorite songs is kind of hard, but the song “Resurrection of The Pagan Fire” leaves some kind of extra mark. The title track, “Ymir” is a great one as well. Guess that I can line up all six songs here.

Would I buy this album?
Yes, this one is on my “to buy” list.

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