Where’s the Music, festival in Norrköping

Where’s the Music? is Sweden’s new music platform. It is a place for the swedish and international music industry to discuss and enjoy new music, but also to find new collaborations.

The event consists of two parts – a conference aimed towards the music industry, and a festival with focus mainly on new music. The festival, which is a public event, gives the visitors an opportunity to discover new and exciting artists in intimate club environments, as well as larger and more established acts. The festival will take place on stages and clubs located in and around the area Industrilandskapet, in central Norrköping.

The majority of the bands at the festival will perform what in the music industry is referred to as a “showcase”, ie a shorter set with the purpose of presenting themselves to a new audience. In order to be able to enjoy as much music as possible during the course of the festival we will present a vast schedule with several acts performing at the same time. If you would happen to miss a band you were interested in, chances are they will be playing the next day as well.

The set times will be presented later.

Where’s the Music? – Festival is taking place Thursday through Saturday, 12-14 February 2015. The festival is taking place in, and around the area Industrilandskapet in central Norrköping.

Where’s the Music? – Conference is taking place Friday and Saturday 13-14 February 2015. The conference is located at Louis de Geer in Norrköping.

During the festival you can see Swedish bands like Deals Death, Engel, Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Raubtier, Spiders, Tyranex, Thundermother to mention a few metal / hardrock bands that will be performing on the different stages in Norrköping during the festival.

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