Watain – Short club tour in Sweden

The Swedish black metal band Watain will do a short club tour in February/March with one gig in Norway and five gigs in Sweden. Degial will be supporting Watain on all dates except Bergen and Umeå. The tour starts in Bergen, Norway on February 19 and ends with a gig in Hultsfred, Sweden on March 07. Expect photos here at Swedish Metal from the gig in Norrköping on February 28.

2015 FEB 19 NO Bergen, Blastfest
2015 FEB 20 SE Gothenburg, Pustervik
2015 FEB 21 SE Malmö, KulturBolaget
2015 FEB 27 SE Umeå, House of Metal
2015 FEB 28 SE Norrköping, Flygeln
2015 MAR 07 SE Hultsfred, Metropol

Website: www.templeofwatain.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/watainofficial

Watain @ Swedish Metal

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