Voëmmr, release demo-tape “Tordaebr odr Daebr” through Signal Rex

Voëmmr opened the gates from the most unknown and distant thoughts back in 2017 with Nox Maledictus, their debut album for Harvest of Death, brother label of Signal Rex. Since then, hallucinations and nightmares haunted themselves through the past and present life.

During all these mortal years, the possession of such evil spells and despaired ardor for the triumph of death over life gets growing and growing like their need to vanish from this mortal world and become the vultures of their own creations and magnificent destroyers of life.

Listen to the track “Fogr mae Raedrae,” taken from Voëmmr‘s upcoming new demo-tape “Tordaebr odr Daebr” below.

Tordaebr odr Daebr” is a four-track composition in about 20 minutes of incomparable and undoubtedly occult mastery, conceptually written upon the local tale of a devil’s tower from the XIX century, which still whispers old and unknown fears across the surrounding mortals.

Voëmmr‘s Tordaebr odr Daebr is due to be released this October via Harvest Of Death on cassette tape format, strictly limited to 150 hand-numbered copies. Like all other cassette tapes released by Voëmmr, these won’t see any kind of repress. Join the legions of Evil!




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