Ventr – Numinous Negativity

Ventr, hails from Portugal, and “Numinous Negativity” is their debut EP, including four tracks, one of the tracks are instrumental, and it’s the third track, which I find a bit odd, rather than having it as an intro or outro.

Besides the fact that it’s only four tracks and one of them is instrumental, I think this is interesting. I don’t know many bands from Portugal, when I think about it I can only come up with one band, Gaerea beside this new discovery, Ventr.

Ventr and this EP, “Numinous Negativity” is in no way similar to the more known experimental black metal band mentioned above.

Ventr is more old-school, more unpolished and, not really raw, but more towards raw than melodic, somewhere in between raw and melodic, that is how I would choose to describe the sound.

This EP could have been released in the mid/late nineties in any of the European or Scandinavian counties where black metal has been present since the birth of black metal.

The sound on this EP is clear and crisp, the guitars are very clear and sharp, lots of nice riffs and “typical” black. The guitars are what I like the most on “Numinous Negativity“.

There is one band of today that comes to mind for some reason when listening to this record, Whoredom Rife. not as melodic sung, bit more harsh and raw here, but I can’t help to hear some kind of similarity. There is something in the atmosphere that I find similar but not to be called too much alike.

I have been trying to do my investigation around Ventr, but so far, the only information that I have found is the information provided by the label Signal Rex (who will release this EP on October the 9th, 2020).

So, if you sit on some information about this band, feel free to contact me with interesting information, just for my personal knowledge.

Maybe, that is on purpose, by the band to be a little mysterious and stay unknown as persons and let the music speak for itself. I totally buy that, if that is the fact here.

I find Ventr and this EP, “Numinous Negativity” so good, that I already am waiting to hear more, like a solid full-length album, released on vinyl. Because this sound would really do it on vinyl, with a real vinyl mastering.


  1. Omnipresent Abominations [7:26]
  2. Our Altar of Murderous Fanaticism [7:45]
  3. Numinous Negativity [2:19]
  4. A Dagger to Worship [7:25]

Artist: Ventr
Album title: Numinous Negativity
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Portugal
Record label: Signal Rex
Release date: October 9, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Ventr - Numinous Negativity
  • 75%
    Artist - Album - 75%
  • 75%
    Sound - 75%


While doing my investigation around Ventr and this EP, “Numinous Negativity” I ended up at the label’s online and it came to my knowledge that this EP will be released on 10″ vinyl only, and that is totally fine with me, I can see this EP in my collection, and in fact, I like 10″ records for some reason, it’s a perfect format in between a 7″ single and a 12″ full-length album. Call me a geek, that’s fine with me!

Highlights on this EP is the three “real” songs, all three really good! I really have to leave the instrumental track “Numinous Negativity” out, which also are the title-track on this album. This one does not add anything to the EP as a whole, since it’s only four tracks in total. On a full-length album, as an intro or outro, I think it would not be the same.

Would I buy this EP?
Yes, if I trip over it somewhere, sometime, I would buy it on vinyl.

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