Valkyrja are working on new material

The Swedish black metal band Valkyrja has gone some changes in the line-up during the past year but are now a full band and they are working on the next album.

The band posted the following message on their official Facebook page a few days ago:

2016 has literally been the most challenging year in the history of the band. While few have ever noticed, Valkyrja has had no less than 5 different constellations during the past 10 months.

With the sudden departure of our former drummer Jocke Wallgren, just a few weeks away from the departure of singer A.L, the focus shifted away from composing new material to actually having a live band in order to perform live and fulfill the contractual obligations for all the gigs we had already announced.

Cancelling is something Valkyrja is not known for!

Valkyrja stands once again stronger than ever and we raise our cups to our brothers and allies, without whom we couldn’t have been able to continue.

With new blood in the band, we can finally announce that we’ve started working on the upcoming opus, which will hopefully be finalized during the course of next year.

With the addition of Victor Parri on drums, the circle is once again restored!

2017 kicks in with live appearances in new territories and we look forward to bring the fire to those places!

We will continue the march from where we left earlier this in year.
2/22/2016 Los Angeles CA Roxy Theatre
2/24/2017 San Diego CA Brick By Brick
2/25/2017 Sacramento CA Starlite Lounge
2/26/2017 San Francisco CA Elbo Room
2/27/2017 Las Vegas NV Backstage Bar
2/28/2017 Phoenix AZ Club Red
3/1/2017 Albuquerque NM Sister Bar
3/2/2017 Dallas TX Curtain Club
3/3/2017 Austin TX Grizzly Hall
3/4/2017 San Antonio TX Korova
3/5/2017 Tulsa OK Downtown Lounge
3/6/2017 Kansas City MO Riot Room
3/7/2017 Denver CO Roxy Theatre
3/8/2017 Salt Lake City UT Metro Music Hall
3/9/2017 Boise ID Shredder
3/10/2017 Portland OR Star Theater
3/11/2017 Seattle WA Studio 7
3/12/2017 Vancouver BC Rickshaw Theater

S.W. – lead guitar
THELBERG – guitar
V.P. – bass
RSDX – proclamations
V. PARRI – drums

Valkyrja page @ Swedish Metal


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