This is one of the albums this year that I have been looking forward to the most this year, so the expectations are pretty high is the least I can say.

With the 2016 debut “Devoid of Light” I had at first a little hard time to get into the music, but after a few listens from start to end at Spotify the album started to grow more and more on me.

I was at the time at my office at work, listened with not that good sound, but before the end of the day, I had ordered the LP and CD versions.

With the second album “Cult of a Dying Sun“, the band took another step to something quite new and unique in the black metal genre and I like the fact that the band is doing “their own thing”, even if it’s not a big difference compared to some other bands and albums.

On the new album, “Djinn” the listener will recognize the special Uada sound, but on “Djinn” the band has taken another little step forward, but without losing their sound.

The elements from the previous albums are still there but the style and sound may be a bit more polished.

The music on “Djinn” is still very guitar and melody-driven, and you will get lots of harmonies, tempo changes, nice guitar riffs, solos, fast parts, slower parts, and aggression to more calm parts.

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The music on “Djinn” is very progressive and varying, it takes some time for the music to “sink in”. That is not a bad thing I would say, albums that grow more or less slow on you are often the best ones that you will listen to the most.

Singer, Jake Superchi goes from “just” angry to almost pissed off at some parts of the songs. The way he sings almost makes the vocals as another instrument and that is not something you hear on all albums out there.

This album has six really strong (and quite long) songs that in a way take you on a journey of awesome and varying melodic black metal during the ~60 minutes. Two of the songs are almost 14 minutes long.

I actually think that the four yet unreleased songs are the best and strongest on this album. Because of that most songs are long to really long, you really have to focus and take it all in.

When listening to the whole album, sitting down in front of the speakers, or in the headphones (and earphones) it sure is a solid album that I will play a lot.

Uada – Djinn, Release September 25th 2020, Eisenwald


  1. Djinn [7:50]
  2. The Great Mirage [6:50]
  3. No Place Here [13:40]
  4. In the Absence of Matter [9:49]
  5. Forestless [7:55]
  6. Between Two Worlds [13:56]

Uada line up on Djinn:
Jake Superchi – Vocals, Guitar
James Sloan – Lead Guitar
Nate Verschoor – Bass
Josiah Babcock – Session drums

UADA – No Place Here (Official Lyric Video)
UADA – Djinn (Official Audio)

Artist: Uada
Album title: Djinn
Genre: Black Metal / Melodic Black Metal
Country/Location: United States / Portland, Oregon
Record label: Eisenwald
Release date: September 25, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Uada - Djinn
  • 95%
    Artist - Album - 95%
  • 95%
    Sound - 95%


Highlights or favorite tracks on “Djinn” are “The Great Mirage” and the almost 14 minutes long song “Between Two Worlds“. But the other four songs, especially the other two yet unreleased ones, “In the Absence of Matter” and “Forestless” come close behind.

This is a solid album, and you should listen to it as a whole, from the start to the very end. The songs are all excellent alone, but there is another level when listening to the whole album.

The music is progressive, and interesting, may not fit all who are more into “traditional black metal”, but give this album a chance (can take some time for the music to “sink in”).

With a grade of 95%, there is not much that I think could or should have been done better or differently, but on the other hand, nothing is perfect. But this is pretty damn close to perfect.

Would I buy this album?
Sure thing, the limited silver vinyl and the CD version are pre-ordered already.

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