Trident may not be a new band to all, they have been around for quite some time now, like thirteen years or so, “North” is the band’s second full-length. Their debut, “World Destruction” was released ten years ago. They also released the 4-track EP “Shadows” five years ago

You enter this record through the song with just that title, “Enter”, which is some kind of instrumental grand opening on this album.

After that intro, the album moves on with great riffs, nice melodies, and some kind of quite screamy black/death/thrash metal vocals which took me a while to get used to, but after that its great.

This is an all through varying album and it is interesting to listen, Trident has somewhat of their own sound when it comes to the music, the songs structures and the vocals.

The song “Pallbearers Hymn” starts instrumental, but half-way in the song switch and gets back to if you can call it, it’s a “regular” form of this album.

This is not an ultra-fast album, more like a mid-tempo to faster and a little slower at times, not too melodic so it goes over to how today’s melodic death metal sound now and then, it’s not very aggressive, it’s like it is balancing on the line there, quite progressive as well actually.

The Dissection fans will not find another clone in this album, but of course, if you want to, then you will hear some guitars where you may think about them. I don´t think that the band presents themselves like that, nor is presented like that either, and I think that is wise, this is something else, but yet blackened death metal.

Or, in case if you want to bring in another sub-genre and call it “melodic blackened death metal”. That would actually fit the description on this album quite well.

The song “Final War” is a great example of how varying this album is when it comes to structure and tempo. It starts off fast, and then switch over to slower and more melodic after the middle, towards the end, and then again turn over to higher tempo, more intense and aggressive. “Final War” is the song that I would have chosen as the first or second single from “North“, it’s absolutely my highlight on this album, followed by the songs, “Possession” and the riffs and guitars in the song “Summoning”.


Joakim Antonsson (Svart) – Drums
Johan Norman (Reaper) – Guitars
Henri Heikkinen (Defiler) – Vocals
Per-Owe Solvelius (Ulv) – Guitars
Anders Backelin (Bloodlord) – Bass


1. Enter
2. Death
3. Imperium Romanum
4. Summoning
5. Pallbearers Hymn
6. Final War
7. Possession
8. North
9. Schaman

Artist: Trident
Album title: North
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Country/Location: Sweden
Record label: Non Serviam Records
Release date: October 2, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 256 kbp/s mp3

Trident - North
  • 75%
    Artist - Album - 75%
  • 75%
    Sound - 75%


Trident, and this album, “North” may not be something very groundbreaking, fresh, and totally new, but that is probably not the point, this is somewhat a mix of then (mid -90s) and today, quite well balanced as well. Trident, has as mentioned above, their own sound within the genre. For my personal liking, I would have liked it more if it was a little more black metal sounding and less death/melodic death metal. But overall, and all through a solid record that fans of the genre will love.

The songs that stand out for me the most, or call it favorite songs are the sixth song on this album, “Final War” followed by the song that comes after in order, “Possession” and the third song, “Imperium Romanum“. which is followed or on song same level as the fourth song, “Summoning“.

Would I buy this album?
Yes, I think so. It seems like it will be available on both CD and LP, and since I prefer vinyl I would go for a copy on wax.

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