Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond

American death metal, performed in a melodic way, released by a Swedish label. How does that sound? Sounds promising, right?

Los Angeles, USA based death metal band Transcendence will release their full-length debut album, “Towards Obscurities Beyond” on September 25th via Blood Harvest Records on CD and cassette tape formats, the vinyl LP version shall follow on October 16th.

It is kind of rare these days that you hear a death metal album that is melodic, but with the melodies in the music and not vocals that goes more to the soft and clean sound. That is no way near that in this case with Transcendence and their album “Towards Obscurities Beyond”.

The sound on this album is melodic, but yet kind of brutal and aggressive, it has a dirty and old-school touch, maybe also a kind of unpolished sound which makes you think of the beginning/middle ’90s death metal scene.

There are plenty of nice guitar riffs, twists, and turns on “Towards Obscurities Beyond”. Imagine Dissection, before The Somberlain, or maybe Necrophobic on their full-length debut, “The Nocturnal Silence”, and maybe also a little early Unanimated mixed up with American or European death metal from around that time.

Take that mix, record it today and skip the clean vocals that often is a part of melodic death metal nowadays (yes, I have problems with clean vocals, most of the time), and add vocals that go from deep growls to quite high pitched screams and shrieks, without pause in between.

When I think about how a person outside this scene of extreme metal would react on the vocals, guess that someone would describe the vocals as a demon with a split personality. Kind of explains the sound of the vocals, performed by Tom Patmore. But, this is not made for the ones who stand outside and thinking everything is “noise”, this is for us who would pay attention when its described as above, at least it’s like that for me.

This album is a really nice listen, since there is plenty of progressions and it’s very varying, both in the music and the vocals. There is no doubt that Transcendence has been looking in the mirror, all the way back to the ’90s, but they do it interesting, so it does not feel like the past are on repeat.


Miguel Perez (Guitars)
Tom Patmore (Vocals)
Michael Alvarez (Guitars)
Richard Guerrero (Drums)
Chris Gonzalez (Bass)


1. Infernal Resurrection
2. Majesty Of Chaos
3. Towards Obscurities Beyond
4. As The Maggots Feast
5. Drowned Screams Of The Departed Souls
6. And Darkness Shall Be
7. Ravens Of The Burial
8. In Silent Procession

Artist: Transcendence
Album title: Towards Obscurities Beyond
Genre: Death Metal / Melodic Death Metal
Country/Location: United States / Los Angeles, California
Record label: Blood Harvest Records
Release date: September 25, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Transcendence - Towards Obscurities Beyond
  • 80%
    Artist - Album - 80%
  • 80%
    Sound - 80%


It seems like there are many great bands yet undiscovered, and “Towards Obscurities Beyond” by the American death metal band, Transcendence is one of those. This is a nice “flirt” with old-school death metal and what once was.

It should be interesting for fans of “traditional” death metal, as well as the ones who prefer it a bit more aggressive but yet melodic, to fans of blackened death metal (or melodic blackened death metal), and sub-genres related. But do not expect that this will be Gothenburg death metal, maybe if you have Grotesque in mind, or some of the other bands from that area and time, but on their very first albums..

This is a great album all through, but the song that I would highlight is “Drowned Screams Of The Departed Souls”, that song sums up the sound of the whole album. It starts with a bit calm, acoustic guitar intro, then hell breaks loose, and then it just gets better.

Would I buy this album?
I think so, but it seems like this autumn/winter will be expensive for record collectors like me. But it’s already on my “to buy list”, aiming for the vinyl then, because I think that this record will sound excellent in analog form.

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