Totenwache/Mavorim, “Verbrannte Erde” re-recorded and re-released

The German black metal bands Totenwache and Mavorium went to the studio and re-recorded the 2018 split “Verbrannte Erde“.

The album is re-released in two different gatefold vinyl versions. One single black vinyl with the 2020 re-recording of “Verbrannte Erde”.
The second one as double red vinyl with the re-recorded version from 2020, plus the original release from 2018. The double vinyl is on red Vinyl with white and gold Splatter.


  1. Intro 01:25
  2. Krieger, voran! 06:38
  3. Ein ewiges Leben 07:51


  1. Säuberung 07:36
  2. Treacherous Sorcery 05:45
  3. Outro 01:52

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