The Kryptik – Behold Fortress Inferno

Brazilian black metal band The Kryptik is another new discovery for me and this album “Behold Fortress Inferno” will be unleashed upon us on October the 30th 2020 through the German label Purity Through Fire.

When doing my investigation before listening, I discovered that the band is mentioned as a symphonic black metal band at some places, and right the way I come up to a sound in my head, before even listening, overproduced music with overused synths and keyboards.

I am so happy to admit that I was wrong, again. Guess that I should leave my stone age, close-minded brain out of my new music experience!

Why do I write this in a review for a band, and a new album without mention the music, or how it sounds? It’s simple, if I have first thoughts even before listening, then I am sure that some other black metal fans are at the same level or worse (and better). I see myself as “open-minded”, but sometimes when it comes to the best thing in my life, black metal, I tend to lose that ability to think another round. I am aware of that, and I am always questioning myself once or more before deciding further. I mean, black metal has been with me since the very beginning of the ’90s, “I know how it should be done”.

Enough of that self critics, and over to the band, The Kryptik and this album, “Behold Fortress Inferno“.

If someone would have played this album for me, telling me it was a band from Scandinavia or even Sweden, I would have believed in that statement.

Maybe the symphonic parts tend to be more towards Norway, thinking of Gehenna and early/mid-career of Dimmu Borgir, but do not put too much focus on the symphonic part, The Kryptik are not over-using the keyboards, and they do never take over in advantage over the guitars. I would say that the keyboards would land somewhere in between Gehenna’s “First Spell” and Dimmu Borgir’s “Enthrone Darkness Triumphant”, but with less room and attention.

Enough of keyboards and synths, they really add something to “Behold Fortress Inferno“, but its the rest that is the best on this album.

Think guitar riffs, coming out of Sweden in the black metal / blackened death metal / melodic black metal genres, crystal clear melodies, melodic and quite fast sometimes, vocals can also fit in the previously mentioned.

I don’t know if it is a thing with me and Dawn’s last album, “Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)”, it’s not the first time I hear a similarity to that album, and again, “The Knell and the World”. But, there are some Dimmu Borgir riffs and highlights here and there as well, and there you have the Norwegian connection as well.

In the opening track “Behold Fortress Inferno”, which starts with an included intro or how to describe it, I can’t help thinking about the riffs in “The Knell and the World”, again. This is not any kind of copy, that was the song that came to mind, and if you ask me, that is a statement for quality, even if I don’t see Dawn as one of my absolute favorite bands, or, they would probably end up on my top20. But then again, I can be stuck with the same Dawn tracks over and over again while listening to the albums on vinyl, “just one more time”. I do also think of another excellent Dawn song, my all-time favorite with the band, “Diabolical Beauty”, it’s something with the riffs, the melodies, and the song structures here that make me think of of Dawn.

When it comes to Dawn influenced black metal, then you can of course also hear Dissection influences, but when I compare the two awesome Swedish bands, I can’t really hear or see the close similarity, but I know that they for some reason walk hand-in-hand to may fans of the two.

When it comes to the vocals I am actually also thinking of Dawn and Henke Forss’s vocals. Some kind of half-high-pitched, melodic sung black metal vocals. I would say that the way that The Kryptik perform their black metal is the way that I want to listen to my black metal, even if I often have hard times when there are keyboards added to the mix, but this is rare and this its the time when I actually think that the keyboards are not annoying, they add something to the music and on this album, I would not want to be listening to this album without them.

I will not mention any other band when I try to tell you that you should keep your eyes open for The Kryptik and this album, “Behold Fortress Inferno“, but in the fifth track “Paths From Eternity” there are clean vocals, as sometimes in a band mentioned above, but, my close-minded brain has no problem with that here, even if the thing that I dislike the most, often, it just clean vocals. But, again, do not pay much attention to that, it is just as short part at the end of the song, that ends the album, before the Mayhem cover.

The Kryptik is closing the album with their own interpretation of one of the best black metal songs ever made, Mayhem‘s “Funeral Fog“. This is a song that I have been listening to so much, so if I could play any instrument, I would probably nail it with my eyes closed. It’s really brave to take on a classic and to do it justice, but I really think that The Kryptik is doing it really good here. I even hear the riffs clearer than on the original, and the keyboards add something to it that was not there on the original version, without destroying the song. Well done!


Sinner (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)
Tormentor (Drums, Bass)


  1. Behold Fortress Inferno [8:13]
  2. The Plagues of the Abyss [8:28]
  3. …of Darkness [3:03]
  4. Black Legions March [5:53]
  5. Paths From Eternity [6:38]
  6. Funeral Fog (Mayhem cover) [6:59]

Artist: The Kryptik
Album title: Behold Fortress Inferno
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Record label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: October 30, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

The Kryptik - Behold Fortress Inferno
  • 95%
    Artist - Album - 95%
  • 80%
    Sound - 80%


Another new discovery for me, Brazilian black metal duo, The Kryptik, and the album “Behold Fortress Inferno“, What its the thing with black metal duo’s? Why is it so common? Is it the fact that they can’t be in a group of more than one or two musicians? If that’s the fact, I somehow get the point, I will not let anyone into, this, my Swedish Metal site (again), changing stuff that I have made, as I want them to be. I think it’s kind of similar, I am happy to hear what people think, what I should think about changing, but I would not let anyone else do the changes, because then it would not be mine, still. Well, there it ended up to be a little about me again, but, black metal is, me.

The Kryptik is closing the album with a cover of one of the best black metal songs ever made, Mayhem‘s “Funeral Fog“. I have to repeat myself a little from above,  but this is a song that I have been listening to so much since when “De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas” was unleashed. The Kryptik is doing their version really well here. I even hear the riffs clearer than on the original, and the keyboards add something to it that was not there on the original version. To get to the facts, I get massive chills and the tears start to drop/run when listening to this version of the classic song, “Funeral Fog”, that is opening one of the most classic black metal albums ever. That is a quality approval from my unknown, that I can not affect or handle myself!

So, to sum this record up, if you like your black metal raw, but yet melodic with clear sound and some symphonic parts, this is the record that you should keep your eyes open for this fall! In this summary it was a lot about the Mayhem cover, but, think Sweden around the mid/late ’90s and Norway somewhere around that period, and add some present to it, then you will be there at, The KryptikBehold Fortress Inferno.

Would I buy this album?
Yes, for sure! If I just happen to find it here in Sweden, the excellent releases from Purity Through Fire seem to be kind of hard to find outside Germany.

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