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Black Metal 2020
Various black metal tunes released in 2020... There may be a few blackened death metal, dark metal and similar tracks in this list as well.. Enjoy the music and support the bands, buy the physical albums!
BLACK METAL - Highlights from the past & present
A Spotify playlist that will highlight black metal songs from the past and present. The list will change and not just be filled with new songs. Maybe you catch something that you have missed through this list? Spred, listen & buy physical albums!
The list currently feature around hundred songs by bands like Djevel, Marduk, Faidra, Vargrav, Mayhem, Emperor, Satyricon, Armagedda, Dissection, Uada, Whoredom Rife, Beastcraft, Ondfødt, Darkthrone, Tsjuder, Nordjevel, Funeral Mist, Afsky, Mgła, Groza, Watain, Vananidr, Taake, Sargeist, Winterfylleth, Hovmod, Spectral Wound, Sarastus, Eternity, Depravation, Gaerea, Craft, Valkyrja, Gorgoroth, Kampfar, Urgehal, Blodhemn, Arckanum, Totenwache, Mork, Dark Funeral and more.You get the point, its a mix of black metal, mostly from Scandinavia, but also from North America and Europe….