Taake / Deathcult – Jaertegn

The bands here probably not need any kind of deeper presentations, most who are into black metal know both Taake and Deathcult.

The bands have teamed up and released one new song each and one cover per band on an EP released during the summer on 10″ LP and Cassette.

The new Taake song, “Slagmark” is a great track that could have been on the latest full-length album, “Kong Vinter” (2017), or on a coming album as well.

It has a quite raw but yet melodic sound like we are used to when it comes to Taake. Hoest sound and sing like he usually do, maybe a bit more harsh and malicious here and there.

Taake did another split EP with the band Whoredom Rife earlier this year. In that case, I think that Whoredom Rife was the stronger and better band.

But on this split, both bands are equal, both deliver one great new song each and also one great cover each and for me, Taake stands out a little bit more.

It´s always hard with covers since bands sometimes slaughter the songs and sometimes sound almost just like the original version. The song that Taake covers on this album is the Darkthrone song “Ravnajuv“.

It´s a great cover that sounds like both Taake and Darkthrone at once, but a bit more polished and a bit more added to the song compared to the original Darkthrone version, like synths.

Could we live without another Darkthrone cover? Probably, but Taake shows the original respect and they give the original justice.

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The Deathcult side is even rawer than the Taake side of this split. The track “Der Würger“, it is not as melody-driven as the Taake song, “Slagmark“.

The song “Der Würger” gives you no space for rest, it just goes on with even more vicious, raw and cruel sound but with some melodies.

The vocals are harsh and raspy like it should be in black metal, the drums go on almost the same was all through the song and the guitars could be described like “old school black metal”.

When it comes to the choice of cover for Deathcult, the selected the song “Black Arts” originally done by Finnish black metal band Beherit.

I must admit, it was a long time ago since I last listened to Beherit, but I do remember the sound vaguely. Overall a great cover, but it´s not the high light on this split.

Was this cover necessary, well, hard to say, as I remember the original version of the song had a bad sound, that is not a fact here. But, then it´s 27 years in between this and the original version.

Line up, Taake
Hoest: All instruments, Vocals

Line up, Deathcult
Hoest: Bass
Thurzur: Drums
Skagg: Guitars, Vocals

Artist: Taake & Deathcult
Album title: Jaertegn
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Norway, Bergen
Record label: Edged Circle Productions
Release date: July 10, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Taake / Deathcult - Jaertegn
  • 65%
    Artist - Album - 65%
  • 65%
    Sound - 65%


Jaertegn is a good split, but full-length format with some more songs would have been better of course. It´s a good release from two of the biggest and best black metal bands from Bergen, Norway. 

Highlights on this album are both new songs by Taake and Deathcult.

Would I buy this album?
I already did, the black 10″ LP is in my collection.

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