Swedish Metal, new functions to help you find your metal

I have done some additions to many of the sub-pages here at Swedish Metal to help you as a visitor here to discover great new and old music under the banner of black metal, death metal and in few cases speed metal, thrash metal, and heavy metal.

At the bottom of many sub-pages, or actually it’s categories or tags that control this new featiure, you will find a relevant Public Spotify playlist to follow, spread, listen to, crank loud as fuck.

At the reviews pages you can find one of my new playlists, in that playlist I will try to add relevant included and featured bands here at Swedish Metal.

In case that there is a band or album that gets 50% or less in a review, don’t expect any song to appear in this list, but if there is one among the rest that stands out and has the quality to appear, then you will find it within.

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SWEDISH METAL - Black Metal & Death Metal
This is the ultimate Spotify playlist only including Swedish black and death metal (+ a few heavy/thrash metal) tracks. Hit play and listen to bands like Bathory, Dismember, Dissection, Entombed, Watain, Hypocrisy, Marduk, Edge of Sanity, Valkyrja, Evocation and many more!

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Black Metal 2020
Various black metal tunes released in 2020... There may be a few blackened death metal, dark metal and similar tracks in this list as well.. Enjoy the music and support the bands, buy the physical albums!
BLACK METAL - Highlights from the past & present
A Spotify playlist that will highlight black metal songs from the past and present. The list will change and not just be filled with new songs. Maybe you catch something that you have missed through this list? Spred, listen & buy physical albums!

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