Swedish Metal band database updated

It”s been some time since I posted something about what´s been changed and updated heter at Swedish Metal. So for the onces who have missed whats new, updated and changed the last couple of weeks, here it goes. The dethat metal band Facebreaker from Finspång and the detah metal band Zonaria from Umeå were added earlier today.

You may also have missed that the black metal band Arckanum have been added (the albums will be added soon), also the melodic metal band Norrsköld, the blackened metal band Warheim and the black metal bands Stilla and Armagedda have been added (albums to be added soon).

So, you have plenty of great Swedish Metal bands to check out in case you missed them for some reason. And, don´t forget to check out the Swedish Metal Spotify playlist!

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