Svederna, new album out in August 2020

The Swedish black metal band Svederna will release their new album “Härd” on CD and digital format through Carnal Records on August 28, 2020. A vinyl release planned later in the year.

Härd, tracklist

  1. Den Arkaiska Rötan
  2. Folkets Blod
  3. Skuld Och Vita Knogar
  4. Förtigen
  5. Niðr
  6. Tempelhärd
  7. Sanndrömmar Om Evigt Lidande
  8. Urkvedsljuset
  9. Varsel
  10. Androm Till Skräck Och Varnagel

Tempelhärd”, first single, taken from coming album “Härd

The band released their first single, Tempelhärd, taken from the coming album Härd. The single is available on digital streaming platforms and also at Bandcamp where you can buy the song. Click here to listen to the song at Spotify.

On Friday July 10th Svederna unveils their second single “Folkets Blod” from the upcoming album “Härd

August 28th marks the return of Svederna with their new album ‘Härd’, consisting of ten blistering tracks of supreme black metal performed with their fierce blend of raw aggression and strong melodies. As always, the almighty riff is the main focal point, each one exceeded by the next one creating an overwhelming metal meltdown. The album title, translated to English as ‘Hearth’, symbolically stands for a sacred place where everything melts and only the truth remains.

For the third time, recording and production took place in the remote wilderness of their native Värmland, Sweden, with longtime collaborator Lars Robin Larsson Asp. The album was nailed during one week in February of 2020 with the paragon of keeping an organic, raw, and clear sound, letting the songs speak for themselves with a sense of urgency and vitality.

With the addition of permanent bass player Simon Frödeberg Karlin, Svederna has come full circle with four instrumentalists writing and performing at the peak of their competence in a group effort. Created with a sense of timelessness and this strong core as an outset, ‘Härd’ is a result of dedication and conviction taking the band and its music to new musical plains. While expanding deeper into the black metal foundation the band wields steep, unpredictable and… more

Härd, facts

A. Thunarf · E. Weinestedt · S. Frödeberg Karlin


J. Holmberg

Lars Robin Larsson Asp

NYGÅRDSHAGET · 22-29 February 2020

Lars Robin Larsson Asp

Lawrence Mackrory, Obey Mastering

Björn Underek Lidberg with Svederna

E. Weinestedt

A. Thunarf · Drums · Guitar
E. Weinestedt · Guitar
J. Holmberg · Vocals
S. Frödeberg Karlin· Bass Guitar, Guitar

More information about Svederna at the bands page in the Swedish Metal band database.

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