Svältvinter, release debut full-length album “Hädangången”

The black metal band Svältvinter released their full-length debut “Hädangången” today. The album feature eleven frosty and cold black metal with clear melodies and lyrics in Swedish.

“Hädangången” (meaning “death” in old Swedish). Reflecting the album title, the lyrical themes conceptualize death through lenses of environmental destruction, natural cycles, social erosion, spirituality and more.

Recorded in the fall of 2019, with songs written as far back as 2015, this debut album serves to cement the sound of Svältvinter and provide a solid ground for future releases.

Hädangången, tracklist:

  1. Bleke
  2. Hädanfärd
  3. Jord
  4. Blodtörst
  5. Av gryning begraven
  6. Skogsvaktaren
  7. Granskog
  8. Skymningsrök
  9. Djävulsmakter
  10. I det frusna djupet
  11. Askfloden

released August 14, 2020

Svältrot – Vocals
Skogsfödd – Drums, percussion
Myrding – Guitar
Vargtand – Guitar, vocals
Gundshakh – Bass, vocals

Engineering, mixing and mastering by Robin Leijon at Lionheart recordings.

Cover photo by Fanny Vedin (Elegy photography).
Design by Rasmus Kvist.
Logo by Wappenschmied.

Svältvinter at: Spotify | Bandcamp|Youtube|iTunes | Facebook

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