Slagmark – Radical Malice

This is the second time that I get to listen to the German black metal duo, Slagmark in 2020, last time it was their debut album, “Purging Sacred Soils“, released during the spring of 2020.

This time Slagmark returns with the demo, “Radical Malice“, that will be released bu Purity Through Fire on digipack CD format. It shall be sold at a special price of 6.66 Euros. This is an EP, only four tracks of German intense but melodic black metal.

The duo of Slagmark is not unknown to the ones who know their German, “underground” black metal. The singer and guitarist, Revenant is known from Sarastus and Sarkastia, and the drummer, Valfor are also handling the drumming duties in one of my favorite German black metal bands, Totenwache.

To my ears, I recognize the vocals really well from Sarastus, have been listening quite a lot to their latest full-length album “The Deceased Dwell in Darkness” (it’s in my vinyl storage). Excellent album, so if you like that one, then you should check out this demo EP, “Radical Malice“.

Even the fact that the drummer is playing in Totenwache as well, would have made me pay attention to Slagmark. To be fair with the duo, the latest Totenwache album, “Der schwarze Hort” has been spinning a lot on my turntable since I discovered the band, late 2019.

Enough of dropping other bands, but in this case, I think you will understand what you get if you like the other bands and want to have something similar.

This is quite fast-moving black metal, not so progressive, kind of the same all through, nice guitars and fast drums should apply to many black metal fans out there. The vocals are all way through screamy or screaming, kind of similar all through, melodic and a little pitched.

I am personally impressed with the label, Purity Through Fire who seems to pay attention to what’s going on in the scene, signing good acts and releasing their albums. If I had a label, I would do the same, but with attention to Sweden of course.


Revenant, Vocals, Guitars
(Also: Rituals of a Blasphemer, Sarastus, Sarkrista)
Valfor, Drums
(Also: Asenheim, Eisenkult, Totenwache)


  1. Behold the Raging Darkness [5:06]
  2. Radical Malice [4:32]
  3. Loathing Spreads [5:29]
  4. Hate Redemption [4:31]

Artist: Slagmark
Album title: Radical Malice
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Germany
Record label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: October 30, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Slagmark - Radical Malice
  • 65%
    Artist - Album - 65%
  • 65%
    Sound - 65%


Slagmark‘s latest release, “Radical Malice” is an overall good EP. But somehow it’s a little too much of the same all through, not that it is bad, but it tends to get a little “boring” after a while.

The highlights on this EP is the title track, “Radical Malice” and the track following, “Loathing Spreads”, I really like the guitars in that song and how the song is moving straight forward in a quite fast manner. That is actually the fact on all four songs on this EP, but a bit more variation is something that I would have liked here, even if it’s only four songs.

Would I buy this album?
Well, it is very rare that I buy CDs nowadays, when I do, I do it because of that I have all the previous albums with a band on CD. But now and then it happens that I just do some support purchases, or that I buy the CD because of that it’s there in front of me. But if I end up in Germany, locate a record store and the album is there, for 6,66€, then it would probably be impossible to resist buying it.

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