Slagmark – Purging Sacred Soils

For some strange reason, Slagmark has passed below my black metal radar, even if I really like the two members other bands.

I guess that part of the reason why I missed this band until now is the fact that the album sadly is not listed at Spotify. For me is Spotify a awesome way to discover new bands and music, when I find something new I buy the LP and/or CD.

Singer/guitarist are also doing the vocals in Sarastus who released the great album “Enter the Necropolis” last year.

Drummer Valfor plays the drums in Totenwache, who released the awesome album “Der Schwarze Hort” last year that would have been on my top 10 list if I discovered them in 2019, but I was late on that band.

Salgmark is melodic and straight forward, kind of a bit primitive black metal, great sound, take you some years back in time, when black metal was a bit more unpolished… I will not say true, but different.

Really nice typical razor-sharp melodic black metal guitars riffs, great drums, and quite high pitched screamy, raspy vocals. If you, like me, like the bands mentioned above, then you’ll like this one as well. The more I listen to Slagmark‘s “Purging Sacred Soils“, the more I hear the other two mentioned bands above.

There is something that I like with these not so big, kind of underground bands, just doing their thing, plays often in many or a few other bands of the same caliber, sometimes more unknown, sometimes more known.

And, there are of course one more thing connected to bands like this, the labels who actually release these albums, like Purity Through Fire in this case. More of that thank you!

If Slagmark were listed on Spotify I would for sure include a couple of tracks in my public Spotify playlist “Black Metal 2020”!


  1. Hexenhammer [0:53]
  2. Feeding the Urge to Destroy [4:28]
  3. Purging Sacred Soils [4:53]
  4. Built on Bone Hills [6:22]
  5. Eradication of all Terrestrial Ul [4:37]
  6. As Cathedrals Drowned in Flames [8:03]
  7. Unleash our Brutish Wrath [4:17]


Valfor, Drums
(Also: Asenheim, Eisenkult, Totenwache)
Revenant, Vocals, Guitars
(Also: Rituals of a Blasphemer, Sarastus, Sarkrista)

Artist: Slagmark
Album title: Purging Sacred Soils
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Germany
Record label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: April 30, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Slagmark - Purging Sacred Soils
  • 80%
    Artist - Album - 80%
  • 75%
    Sound - 75%


Purging Sacred Soils” by German Slagmark grows on me. The speed and the more straight forward, but yet melodic, and quite raw black metal suits me very well. I don’t want every band to sound like Slagmark, it’s enough to find bands like this once in a while. And, there is as mentioned above Totenwache and Sarastus as well to drop a couple of more good ones that are very similar to Slagmark.

Highlights or favorite tracks on this album are the two last ones, “As Cathedrals Drowned in Flames” and “Unleash our Brutish Wrath“, but I really like the rest as well and can enjoy the full album from start to finish!

Would I buy this album?
Yes, I see at Discogs that it should be available on LP and CD, The hunt for a vinyl version begins right here and now! But I don’t think that any of the Swedish online stores have the album, maybe not even distributed here?

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