Skaldr – Scythe of Our Errors

It is not something that happens every day, that I discover a new band that is unsigned and just released an album, that is as good as this one.

Skaldr sounds like they are from Scandinavia or maybe even Sweden, and this album, “Scythe of Our Errors” sounds like it came out in the middle/end of the ’90s. But this band is American and this album was just released without any record label involved.

The music is melodic black metal with some twists and turns, kind of progressive. I would almost go as far as describing “Scythe of Our Errors” as “the Dawn album that never came after Slughtersun“.

That may be to take it a bit far, but you get the point, this sounds new, but yet it’s clear that Skaldr has been listening to bands like Dawn, Dissection, Sacramentum, and similar from that era.

Even the acoustic guitar parts sound like it is inspired by Swedish traditional music or folk music, like how bands from the melodic black and death metal genres did it in the middle of the ’90s.

I guess that you in some way can compare Skaldr with Uada and later bands, who play guitar and melody-driven black metal.


  1. Gathering Night [06:17]
  2. The Arrow of Hate is Drawn [05:40]
  3. Collapsar [04:54]
  4. Dying Blood 05:02]
  5. The Remnants of Our Black Creation [06:18]
  6. To Pierce This Fading Realm [07:08]
  7. The Neverwake [02:39]
  8. Scythe of Our Errors [08:47]


HH – Guitars
BD – Guitars
CV – Bass and vocals
TE – Drums

Artist: Skaldr
Album title: Scythe of Our Errors
Genre: Black Metal / Melodic Black Metal
Country/Location: United States, Virginia
Record label: Unsigned/independent
Release date: August 28, 2020

Format Reviewed: Spotify version of the album

Skaldr - Scythe of Our Errors
  • 85%
    Artist - Album - 85%
  • 85%
    Sound - 85%


If you are looking for unique and brutal black metal, then Skaldr and this album, “Scythe of Our Errors” is not for you. But if you want melodic and progressive black metal with some twists and turns and some acoustic parts as well, then look no more. Then this is for you!

Would I bu this record?
For sure, but it seems like it is only available on CD at the moment and I prefer vinyl.

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