Sinira, released debut album “The Everlorn”

Sinira is a new discovery for me today and I felt I needed to share this with you. This a one-man project lead by Knell, hailing from Nacogdoches, Texas USA.

I don´t think that I even need to describe the sound if you listen, but I do it anyway, so you take your time a listen… Think Sweden, around the middle of the nineties.. Dissection, Unanimated, Sacramentum…

After two years of releasing the Dawnless Twilight demo, Sinira returns with its first full length album: The Everlorn. Characterized by soaring melodies, sunken and sorrowful vocals, and whirlwind invoking tempos; The Everlorn is a homage and tribute to the Swedish titans who reigned proud and whose flames still burn bright.

Taken from the Sinira Bandcamp…

The Everlorn, tracklist

Unsigned/independent, released June 26, 2020

  1. Where Starlight Does Not Shine
  2. Gardens of Pestilence
  3. The Everlorn
  4. Souls of the Flame
  5. Tear Ladened Skies
  6. Our Final Nightfall
  7. Dawnless Twilight
  8. Omega XI

SiniraThe Everlorn @ Spotify

Sinira – Where Starlight Does Not Shine

Sinira – Soulreaper (Dissection cover)

Sinira – Life Demise (Unanimated Cover)

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