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Sarcator, a quite new band from Trollhättan in Sweden, started only two years ago and this self-titled album is their full-length debut, to be released on October 30, 2020, through Redefining Darkness Records.

When I first checked the material received I was like, what? It’s “kids”? They can’t be very old by the looks, and I was right, they are between 15 and 21.

So on that first thought, I was right, and when I was doing my home-work, checking their information I realized that one name was familiar, Tervonen. Then I had to read their bio and discovered that the youngest member of the band, Mateo is the son of Marko Tervonen, who I hope all know from Crown of Thorns / The Crown.

As soon as I started to listen to the album, the first thought that came up was a very early and young Dissection, but a more thrashy sound. And when I think about the young age thing it was never a problem when listening to Dissection, they were really young at the time when they started, the difference is that I was at the same age when I discovered them, these guys could easily be my sons. Enough of the age thing and Dissection parallels (almost).

There is something in the vocals, the sound, and the way Mateo sings that reminds about Jon Nödtveidt. There is the last comparison.

I would not be surprised if we hear quite a lot about and from Sarcator the coming years, because if they can do a full-length debut album as good as this one, then I am really looking forward to what will come in the future.

For me, it is quite rare that I like thrash metal nowadays, but since it is very well mixed up with death metal and some small stains of black metal as well as speed metal it gets interesting.

There are lots of nice riffs, hooks, twists, and turns all through the album and it is also very melodic, but just enough. Sarcator does not sound new or young (sorry another age thing), they sound like they been around many years and that is really promising for the future.

The break and, the riff, combined with the drums, a bit past half-way in the fifth song, “The Hour Of Torment” is excellent as well as the short following solo, takes me many years back in time when I hear it, and that is positive.

The sound on this album is also really good, everything is crisp and clear, it’s recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marko Tervonen in Studio-MT, Trollhattan during the summer this year.

Be prepared for some excellent death/thrash metal when you get your hands on the album when it’s out!


Felix Lindkvist – Bass & Backing Vocals
Mateo Tervonen – Vocals & Guitar
Emil Eriksson – Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jesper Rosén – Drums


1. Abyssal Angel
2. Manic Rapture
3. Deicidal
4. Midnight Witchery
5. The Hour Of Torment
6. Circle Of Impurity
7. Heretic’s Domain
8. Desolate Visions
9. Demonstrike
10. Purgatory Unleashed
11. Cryptic Pain (CD-only bonus)

Artist: Sarcator
Album title: Sarcator
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
Country/Location: Sweden, Trollhättan
Record label: Redefining Darkness Records
Release date: October 30, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Sarcator - Sarcator
  • 85%
    Artist - Album - 85%
  • 85%
    Sound - 85%


Sarcator and their self-titled full-length debut is a really nice, new discovery for me. And the fact that they are so young and already this good makes it even better, I mean, what’s next?

Another young age parallel, that came to mind when listening to Sarcator, is Trivium. The ones who have been following Swedish Metal since way back may know and remember that I was contacted by a young guy from Orlando, Florida asking me to work for them. It was Matt Heafy, I did so, did their website(s) and artwork/layout for their “blue demo”, hooked them up for their first record deal and, did the logo/artwork/graphics/layout for what became their debut album.

So, why is this all of a sudden about me? It’s not, I have nothing to do with Sarcator, but there was something that caught my attention then, and I hear the same thing in Sarcator, the, “want to do it all, thing”. I like that when it’s well done, as it is here!

Now there will be no more youth or parallels written, this is really good and again, I am looking forward to what’s to come from Sarcator in the future.

This a stable and solid record all through, but there are four songs that I find stands out a little more, the first single from the album, “The Hour Of Torment”, the track “Desolate Visions”, “Demonstrike” and “Purgatory Unleashed”. Actually, I can add a fourth song to my favorite Sarcator songs, the opening song “Abyssal Angel” is great as well.

Would I buy this album?
For sure, this is an album to have in the collection in the future when Sarcator made their break-through and has some more albums out.

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