Sabaton nominated for Swedish governments music export prize 2014

The Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton have been nominated for the Swedish governments music export prize. The band are currently out on the roads and say the following about the nomination: It’s a great honor and fantastic news to reach us while we are on the road.

The last time a Swedish metal band were nominated and won the price were back in 2005 when the band In Flames won the price. In Flames were the first ever metal band to win the price. So, keep your fingers crossed for Sabaton.

Other Sabaton news

SABATON released their seventh full-length record »Heroes« on May 16, 2014 via Nuclear Blast and reached some of the highest chart entries in the band history, among them the first #1 in their native Sweden, #2 in Finland, #3 in Germany, #4 in Czech Republic, #6 in Poland, #7 in Switzerland and many more.

The band announces the US release of the »Heroes«: Deluxe Edition, a 3-disc limited edition deluxe version, out on April 7th 2015. Limited to 5,000 copies, this deluxe edition includes two discs of live audio recorded on the 2014 SABATON Cruise in addition to the original ten »Heroes« album tracks.

The track listing for SABATON’s »Heroes«: Deluxe Edition is:

Disc 1 – »Heroes«:
01. Night Witches
02. No Bullets Fly
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Inmate 4859
05. To Hell And Back
06. The Ballad Of Bull
07. Resist And Bite
08. Soldier Of 3 Armies
09. Far From The Fame
10. Hearts Of Iron

Disc 2 – Live from The SABATON Cruise 2014:
01. Night Witches
02. To Hell And Back
03. Smoking Snakes
04. Far From The Fame
05. Resist And Bite
06. Soldier Of 3 Armies
07. Carolus Rex
08. Gott Mit Uns [God With Us]
09. Karolinens Bön [The Carolean’s Prayer]
10. 1648
11. En Livstid I Krig [A Lifetime Of War]
12. Twilight Of The Thunder Gods

Disc 3 – Live from The SABATON Cruise 2014:
01. Ghost Division
02. 40:1
03. White Death
04. Attero Dominatus
05. 7734
06. Price Of A Mile
07. Talvisota [The Winter War]
08. Swedish Pagans
09. Art Of War
10. Primo Victoria
11. Metal Crüe

Sabaton website

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