Night Crowned “Impius Viam”, out today

The firs full-length album “Impius Viam” by the Swedish black/death metal band Night Crowned, released today through Noble Demon!

Night Crowned – Impius Viam
  1. Impius Viam
  2. Reborn
  3. Nocturnal Pulse
  4. IRA
  5. Your Ending, Your Demise
  6. Your Sacrilegious Flesh
  7. Black Bone Cross
  8. Unholy Path
  9. All Life Ends
  10. Beneath No One
  11. No Room for Hope
  12. Ego Sum Bestia

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Night Crowned 2020, photo by Jens Rydén Photography (Facebook page)

In the frozen part of Europe’s northernmost realm, a new slithering seed is festering at the heart of the Swedish scene — known as NIGHT CROWNED. A spawn formed from an unholy communion between the current and the previous members of the underground elite such as Dark Funeral, Nightrage and Cipher System, this infestation is set to grow from a rumored disease into a full-scale pandemic.

NIGHT CROWNED’s musical vision is as clear as it is haunting and putrid; a reawakening of the sounds dormant from the most influential acts and masterpieces of the Scandinavian ‘90s, despite having advantages of a cutting edge, surgically precise production.

Despite hatching a combined catalogue of over fifteen full-length albums, the seasoned and battle-hardened veterans of Night Crowned are still hungry like a gluttonous monster to procreate the dire melody charged blackened death music.

There will be no warning. No antidote, and no remedy. At first you will feel nauseous, then your body will be covered in black boils, and finally both your mind and matter will have been thoroughly infected by the blight that is.

taken from the official Night Crowned Facebook page

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