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As of today, I will try to get back to doing reviews on black and death metal albums again. Its been like thirteen or fourteen years since last time, but then it was at my old version of Swedish Metal (then located at .net).

First out is no less than Uada and their coming album “Djinn” to be unleased through Eisenwald on September 25th.

Release: September 25, 2020
Label: Eisenwald
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Bare with me, I am still a little rusty because of the years without writing that much more than news posts here at Swedish Metal and at work.

We will see how much reviews there will be in the future, but I aim to get some up now and then, and also some new interviews as well.

I will only do reviews on black metal and death metal albums, since it would not even be fair to try to say something about something that I probably don´t like in the first place.

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I will not do any demo reviews, unless it’s something really good.

Find contact details in the manin menu in case you want to submit material for review here at Swedish Metal.

You can also use this e-mail material[a], exchange [a] with a @ before sending. But, do NOT include any files in your e-mail!

The press material must be downloadable otherwise my e-mail client will not accept your e-mail, or I will have to delete it since it takes too much space in my inbox.

SWEDISH METAL - Black Metal & Death Metal
This is the ultimate Spotify playlist only including Swedish black and death metal (+ a few heavy/thrash metal) tracks. Hit play and listen to bands like Bathory, Dismember, Dissection, Entombed, Watain, Hypocrisy, Marduk, Edge of Sanity, Valkyrja, Evocation and many more!

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