Netherbird, new album “The Grander Voygage” release in October

The melodic black/death metal band Netherbird are back with new line-up, album and a video later on this year. The new album entitled “The Grander Voygage” will be out on CD, vinyl and digital formats in October 2016. A video have been done for the single “Windwards”, to be released in June 2016.

“As most of you realized by now Netherbird was quiet for some time, according to metal-archives we actually split up, and to a degree that was indeed true, at least for a while.
The only thing we knew for certain was that wanted to keep creating and writing our music, basically going back to the roots of an uncompromised and limit free vision.

So we decided to go back into the studio and complete all the songs that we had already made demos for.
At this point we didn’t even have a line up so we asked Fredrik Widigs, the drummer in Marduk, to help us lay down the drum tracks for the album and he did so with a brilliant result.
The upcoming album is entitled “The Grander Voygage” and at this point it’s recorded and done and will be released in 2016 on CD, vinyl and digital formats”.

Left to right on the photo at the top

Tobias Jakobsson: Lead guitars
Nord: Guitars and vocals
Micke André: Bass and vocals
Nephente: Lead vocals
Bizmark: Guitars, keyboards and vocals.
Fredrik Andersson: Drums

Hinterlands (track preview)

So we are back and we hope you will join us for the ride into darkness.

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