Nekrokraft, full legth debut “Will o´ Wisp”

Will o’ Wisp is the first full length progeny created by Nekrokraft. Blackened thrash metal that was forged in an old cold Swedish cellar beneath the ostrogothia soil.

The album holds a brutal yet melodic aura and contains seven occult hymns that is released upon the world on November 7, 2016 through The Sign Records. Keeping an old-school approach without being retro,

Will o´ Wisp offers both classic metal influences and attributes such as organ, choirs and folk influences that makes the story telling a central part of the album. The raw guitar oriented songwriting mixed with blast beats, melodies and Angst’s raging vocals makes Will o’ Wisp an stand out album 2016.

Nekrokraft - Will o' WispTracklist:
Will o’ Wisp
– 2016
Release on CD, Vinyl November 7, 2016

1. Ov Hell
2. Will o’ Wisp
3. Worship
4. Hellfire
5. Forest Lurker
6. Armageddon Unleashed
7. Succubus

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Available on CD, black vinyl and colored vinyl. Different packages with patches etc are available.

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