Myronath, record their second album and a music video

During the past weekend, Friday the 9th to Sunday the 11th, 2020 I spent time with the Swedish black metal band Myronath when they recorded the drums and some additions to the coming album in the Endarker Studio in my city, Norrköping, in Sweden.

The band started to track drums on Thursday the 8th and I joined them after work on Friday afternoon.

During the eventful weekend, we also recorded most parts of the coming Myronath video in some ruins in the dark woods of Östergötland, for one of the songs from the coming album.

The Swedish black metal band Myronath recorded their second album in the Endarker Studio in Norrköping, Sweden, under control by ex. Marduk bassist, Magnus “Devo” Andersson.

The studio was booked during the three days to record all the drums. All the bass, guitars, and vocals are now recorded for all the ten songs that will appear on the album when it’s unleashed upon us.

Since everything is recorded now, it is mixing and mastering that are left to do, those duties will be handled by Magnus “Devo” Andersson in his studio, located in one of the industry areas of Norrköping in Sweden.

With band members spread almost over half the country, from the mid/south parts of the country, Västervik, to Norrköping, Stockholm, and Burträsk in the north.

The band gathered in Norrköping, not only to record the drums and to put the final touches of some great black metal “on tape” in Norrköping but also to record a new music video for one of the songs from the coming album.

The vocals, guitars and most of the bass were recorded in the members home studios, but some additions and changes were made in the studio during the weekend.

Myronath line-up, left to right:  

Myrkheim – Guitars (also: Serpesta)

Bjarkan – Guitars (also: Blood of Serpents, Kāla, Ragnarok, Throne of Heresy, ex-Dominus, The Shining Woe, ex-Nefandus (live), ex-Lucifer, ex-Carcaroht)

Hellcommander Vargblod – Vocals and Bass (also: Draugûl, Khaospath, ex-Martyrium, ex-X-Vandals, ex-Hell Rats, ex-Mannaris)

Fredrik Andersson – Drums (also: A Canorous Quintet, Netherbird, Vananidr, ex-Curriculum Mortis, ex-The Plague, ex-Amon Amarth, ex-This Ending, ex-Therion (live), ex-Guidance of Sin)

Myronath released their debut album, “Into the Qliphoth” last fall through Dutch label, Non Serviam Records.

Since there have been some line-up changes since the debut album and the fact that it’s the bands second album it will be different, but you will still hear that it’s Myronath.

This is dark, cold, and fast, Swedish black metal. Expect to hear Myronath 2.0 on the coming album.

The music video was recorded in some ruins in the woods between Norrköping and Finspång in Sweden for one day.

See some behind the scenes photos below from the video recording below.

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