Mist of Misery, new album “Absence” out on August 31

The swedish symphonic black metal band Mist of Misery will release their new album “Absence” on CD digipack limited to 250 copies and Jewelcase version limited to 250 copies. The album will be released on August 31 2016 through the small Swedish label Black Lion Records.

This new album, entitled Absence is a huge step forward in terms of production, song writing, lyrical depth and overall atmosphere. Mist of Misery has entered a new phase, one that aims to evoke depressive, melancholic and ambient atmospheres in the minds of listeners at a whole new level. On this album, it was done mainly through the introduction to even more melodic and symphonic influences. The music is intended to set the listener in a different and almost meditative state of mind in order to absorb its true depth.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Forlorn Halls Studios and on various private locations in Stockholm, Sweden 2010 – 2016. The artwork was drawn by the exceptionally talented Russian artist Alex Tartsus.


1. Melancholic Thoughts
2. Euthanasia
3. Absence
4. Final Departure
5. Epitaph of Penitence
6. Wistful Twilight
7. Paragon of Perdition
8. Mist of Misery
9. Serenity in Nothingness

Pre-order the physical CD @ Bandcamp


Mist of Misery line-up 2016:
MortuzDenatus – Vocals, Drums, Programming, Mixing and Mastering
Phlegathon – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar
Simon Hägglund – Live DrumsMist of Misery

Mist of Misery official Facebook page

Mist of Misery page @ Swedish Metal

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