Mephorash, “Sfaira Tis Fotias” re-release out on June 29

The “Sfaira Tis Fotias”  EP with the occult black metal band Mephorash from Uppsala, Sweden will be re-released through Shadow Records on June 29.

The band hat due to deep dedication of studying and practicing in the dark spiritual paradigms deliver a pure and raw take on the old black metal sound with a mighty touch of esoteric/religious elements to create something new. Something that breaks the barriers of what this scene is to this day.

Mephorash - Sfaira Tis Fotias - bandphoto

The band consists mainly of Mishbar Bovmeph (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals and main composer) and Mashkelah Mr’ralaa (Lead Vocals, Lyricwriter) and has also gotten the great honour of welcoming Nebiros (Fd. Ofermod, Malign) also on Vocals.

This is the re-release of the original 2 track EP (2015) with bonus material and new layouts. Out on CD and Vinyl.

1. Sfaira Tis Fotias (8:57)
2. The Hendecasyllabics Of Death (6:43)
3. Khabs Am Peklit (4:57)


Mephorash @ Swedish Metal

Shadow Records | Regain Records

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