Månegarm, “Nordstjärnans Tidsålder” re-release

The classic Månegarm album Nordstjärnans Tidsålder is now finally back in the stores. This album; the band’s first, is packed with pagan battle songs and has by many been seen as a milestone in the Viking metal genre. It’s now nicely re-mastered and comes with exclusive liner notes from the band and an exclusive bundle pack (CD + T-shirt) will also be available in limited edition.

The plan is to have all the early Månegarm releases released through Black Lodge Records before the end of this year; starting with the very first album “Nordstjärnans Tidsålder” set for release April 10th.

All albums will be re-mastered and will come with exclusive liner notes from the band. An exclusive bundle-pack (CD + T-shirt with a brand new design) will also be available for each release in limited editions.

The band says: “Finally we will get our old albums out in the stores again. We have gotten a lot of requests for these albums and now we can proudly tell you that the time has finally come! So don’t miss this great opportunity to experience Månegarm in the early years; now in re-mastered shape along with some great new merchandise”

1. I Nordstjärnans Sken 1:42
2. Fädernas Kall (Under Höjda Nordbaner) 4:09
3. Drakeld 3:23
4. Den Dödes Drömmar 4:00
5. Nordanblod 2:44
6. En Fallen Härskare 3:58
7. Ymer 2:03
8. Vindar Från Glömda Tider 4:51
9. Blod, Jord Och Stjärneglans 3:51
10. Det Sargade Landet 5:07
11. Tiden Som Komma Skall 4:46

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