Leviathan – Förmörkelse

To me, the Swedish black band Leviathan had passed below or above my black metal radar until now. Maybe because of that the last recording “Far Beyond the Light” was released back in 2002, and that time I was not as active as before that and after, had other priorities.

Anyway, but then it is even better when I get to hear an album like “Förmörkelse“. This was exactly what I needed to hear, Swedish black metal, that I would describe as a more melodic type of black metal, compared to Armagedda, Arckanum, or Craft to name a few other bands.

Speaking about Armagedda, the man behind this solo project, Phycon used to play the drums in just Armagedda, and also in the Volkermord, which was the same band that changed the name to Armagedda.

Förmörkelse” will be released through the Spanish underground black metal label Nebular Carcoma on vinyl and on cassette by Bile Noire.

This is an excellent black metal album, which is good sounding, varying, melodic, and quite raw at once. There are lots of atmosphere in the music and it switches from time to time to acoustic parts and then moves on to double kick drums and frosty, razor-sharp melodic guitars.

The album starts with an intro, “XVII” followed with the awesome song “Avgrundens Återsken“, I can’t get enough of that song. The guitars and the melodies and the structure in the song are excellent (listen below).

That is actually the fact all through the album, “Förmörkelse” is an unusual solid record that will give you everything that is Swedish melodic black metal.

The vocals are melodic but quite harsh and raspy like you can expect, also quite varying in the within the songs and between the songs. Just enough of angst, fury, rawness, and vocals done in a melodic way.

Fans of the more aggressive and raw type of black metal will get a little dose here and there as well. This is not ultra-fast, nor slow, somewhere in the mid-tempo and faster area.


2. Avgrundens Återsken
3. Förmörkelse
4. Svart
5. Förbannelsen
6. Verklighetens Väv
7. En Tidlös Illvilja
8. Melankolins Ävja
9. Babylons Sand
10. Pestens Sigill


Roger “Phycon” Markstrom (Drums, Vocals, Bass, Guitars)

Artist: Leviathan
Album title: Förmörkelse
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Sweden, Västerbotten
Record label: Nebular Carcoma / Bile Noire
Release date: October 12, 2020
(cassette version will be released earlier)

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Leviathan - Förmörkelse
  • 90%
    Artist - Album - 90%
  • 90%
    Sound - 90%


Leviathan and this album, “Förmörkelse” was a really nice discovery, this is my type of black metal (there are many others as well), but this is excellent.

I have a hard time to choose any favorite track, I like them all, but if I have to choose, then it would be “Avgrundens Återsken” (listen above), “Förbannelsen” and “Verklighetens Väv“.

If the album will be available on Spotify, I promise, several tracks will appear in my “Swedish Metal” Spotify playlist and of course also in my “Black Metal 2020” list. I will not be surprised if this album ends up on my “Top 10 albums” by the end of the year.

Would I buy this album?
Yes, for sure, I must own the vinyl version of this album!

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