King of Asgard album :taudr: to be released on March 17th

king-of-asgard-taudrThe new King of Asgard album :taudr: will be released through Tronnmusic on March 17th 2017

After a short hiatus, and with new line-up, the Swedish band has re-focused and recorded its strongest material so far with the help of Magnus “Devo” Andersson (Endarker Studio Sweden).

On :taudr: the quartet celebrates epic and grim Nordic Metal which honours the legacy of Bathory, Isengard and Mithotyn with self-confidence, while developing the style further with new-found enthusiasm and within mature compositions. The cover artwork for :taudr: has been crafted by Mattias Frisk Metal Album Art in close cooperation with bass player Jonas Albrektsson,

Jonas Albrektsson explains: “As we are close friends, there’s no secret to him where KING OF ASGARD is heading and what’s coming our way. Especially this time we decided to work together at a very early stage and thus me and him came up with the idea together when the title was set and the underlying meaning of it or rather the whole album and its direction. We also worked together on the layout as we’re kind of picky on the whole package and Mattias as well is very keen on doing his best when realizing our ideas. It’s darker and and a bit more stripped down this time and fits really well with what your ears will experience. Mattias is a great artist and we’re proud to bare his art!”

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