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Swedish Metal, the past….
Swedish Metal was born back in 1995 and was made by me (Fredrik Kreem). The site was some kind of information site about Swedish metal bands and music during the first years.

After some time the site was growing and growing and some time at the end of the ’90, the site was transformed into a webzine. Then writers were recruited and reviews, interviews, photos of shows/festivals, and similar were made at the same time as the whole site was growing.

Even foreign bands were interviewed and reviewed but there was a special section about Swedish metal only.

The site had between 2000 & 3000 unique visitors Every day during the last couple of years until the site was closed due to different reasons and lack of time and interest.

Swedish Metal, the present…
In January 2015 I bought a new domain and started from scratch again.

The goal with the site is and has always been to promote all the awesome bands, albums, and songs that come out of My country, Sweden, and good metal in general.

Even if the site is named Swedish Metal, Norwegian black metal has a big place in my black heart. I would love to be able to listen to more Swedish black metal bands, but there are so many good ones coming out of Norway today and yesterday…

Swedish Metal, the future…
The goal with this site will and have always be to promote the more extreme metal, like black metal, death metal, a little thrash metal, and sometimes related genres and sub-genres.

To keep the site moving and growing I will need to make some money on it. There are costs involved and to be able to keep it moving and growing I will need to make something out of it.

So, I will be doing some advertising packages, with banners and sponsored links, etc. To get more information and to find a solution for your band or metal related company, contact me and we take it from there.

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Public Spotify playlists

I have several big public Spotify playlists with lots of followers and listeners from all over the world (where Spotify is available).

Click here for more information about my Spotify playlists

I add songs that I personally like to my lists, but if you have some tips about bands and songs that you think should be in some of my lists, feel free to contact me. If I like it, then I add it to a list where it fits.

Web, graphic design & more…

In case you are looking for someone to do some web designing, graphics, layouts, and related, check out my design site, F.Kreem Design.

My record collection @ Discogs
(always under construction, far from all my albums are added to my list)
See my Instagram page for posts about new arrivals to my vinyl (and CD) collection…

I search for pretty much “everything” on vinyl when it comes to Swedish and Norwegian black metal. I already own the most of the ones from the past, but there are some that are yet missing in my collection (depends pretty much on the prices).

So if you for some reason have something that only collects dust in good shape and high quality, just drop me a message with info and your price. Maybe I am in the mood for a trade or something (my CD collection is huge).

Some “personal” photos

Me in Helvete basement again, Oslo, Norge February 2019
Me in the Helvete basement / Neseblod Records summer 2018
Me in the Helvete basement / Neseblod Records summer 2018
Met Kristian ”Gaahl” Espedal in his Art gallery ”Galleri Fjalar” at Brygge 37 in Bergen, Norge
Me in Helvete, Oslo, Norge February 2016
Me in Neseblod Records, Oslo, Norge February 2016
Me in Helvete, Oslo, Norge summer 2015

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