In Flames, The Jester Race, 20 years!

One of the most important albums in the melodic death metal genre are celebrating 20 years today, it´s the classic album The Jester Race by the Gothenburg based band In Flames that by now should be known by everyone.

The album were released on February 20, 1995 by Nuclear Blast and if the Gothenburg sound were not known before the release of The Jester Race, all would and should know after the release of this album.

Original release The Jester Race were licensed to Nuclear Blast Records by Wrong Again Records.

Japan bonus tracks are demos of Dead Eternity & The Inborn Lifeless (an early version of Dead God in Me).
Original Japanese release features different artwork, see image below of promo, Japanese release, original CD release and re-release.

Re-released in 2002 with the Black Ash Inheritance EP added.

The album were recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg by Fredrik Nordström in November 1995. Co-produced by In Flames.

In Flames - The Jester Race - most important melodic deathmetal album - bandThe In Flames line-up at the time:

Glenn Ljungström (Guitars)
Jesper Strömblad (Guitars, Keyboards)
Anders Fridén (Vocals, Lyrics)
Johan Larsson (Bass)
Björn Gelotte (Drums, Guitars)

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In Flames - The Jester Race - most important melodic deathmetal album

Funder of Swedish Metal, Fredrik´s The Jester Race collection except for the vinyls… promo, Japanese, original CD and re-released CD


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