In Battle – Welcome To The Battlefield

In Battle – Welcome To The Battlefield

Swedish death metal

Animate Records (2005) – AR 010

Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition. Limited to 666 hand numbered copies. My copy is number 130 of the 666 total made.

A1. Shunned By Life
A2. Madness
A3. Eld Jättar
A4. Scorched World
A5. Soul Metamorphosis

B1. Despoter
B2. Serpents
B3. Blood Divine
B4. Stonefaced Mountains
B5. King God
B6. Mass Produced Hybrid Humans

Drums recorded at Courthouse Studio, Östersund, Sweden.
Guitars and bass recorded at Necromorbus Studio, Stockholm, Sweden.
Vocals recorded at Mana Recording Studios, Tampa, USA.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Eric Rutan at Mana Recording Studios, Tampa, USA.

In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield
  • In Battle - Welcome To The Battlefield
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This was a unexpected album that I received with a trade of another album and like a week or two before I received this album passed before my eyes and was sold, used at a Facbook group and I missed it with minutes.

So it was a nice surprise that I got this great, Swedish death metal album on vinyl. The band members are later on more or less known from other Swedish bands, like the drummer Nils “Dominator” Fjellström who play the drums in the black metal band Dark Funeral since 2011 and used to play in bands like Odhinn, Aeon, Netherbird, Sanctification and more.

The fact that this release is limited to 666 copies world wide and that I have one of them makes it cool, but the actual product may be a bit simple and “cheap”. More money should have been spent on the product. But there is nothing wrong with the music, simply its death metal, in the American sounding way.

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