Imperium Festival in Halden, Norway July 9-12 2020

Open air black metal fest inside the 17th century Fredriksten Fortress in Halden, Norway.

A short trip from Oslo or Gothenburg you can experience one the most unique metal festivals around. Dedicated to the essence of black metal Imperium festival combines the extraordinary 17th century festival area with high class musicianship.

The silence from Imperium so far in 2020, has been of the constructive kind; and in the coming days, weeks and months we will release updates and news in large amounts.


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DHG/Dødheimsgard will perform their classic album “666 International” in it’s entirety at Imperium 2020

Released in June 1999 on Moonfog Productions the album pushed the boundaries of the genre.

This inspired musical tour de force paved the way for countless of bands to come, with experimentation and approaches almost unheard of at the time.
666 International is a milestone in black metal history, and more than twenty years on it’s as fresh as ever.


Carpathian Forest

Releasing their first demo “Bloodlust and Perversion” back in 1992 the band have been raising hell for nearly three decades.

Carpathian Forest


Djevel will conjure their black wizardry in the fortress next July on Imperium 2020

Djevel descended on the world with “Dødssanger” in 2011, and have not looked back since. The band has become one of the blackest flames in the the pantheon of Norwegian black metal.



Helheim will perform their 1995 classic “Jormundgand” in its full dark beauty in the open air fortress next summer.

2020 marks the 25-year anniversary of “Jormundgand”. It is one of the albums that truly merged black metal grimness with Norse/Viking musical influences. Inspiring countless future bands, Helheim pioneered the style itself as well as introducing unusual instruments such as horns and violins.

The band formed in 1992, delivering 10 studio albums and nearly tree decades of high quality music. Their last album was “Rignir” (2019, Dark Essence Records), receiving great reviews from press and fans.


The Ruins Of Beverast

The band was formed in 2003, delivering unconventional, brutal and atmospheric music. Their fifth and latest studio album Exuvia (Van Records) was released in 2017, with great reviews in the metal press.

The Ruins Of Beverast is quite simply an exquisite and intense live-experience you should not miss.

Prepare for a dark, black and doomy experience in the fortress next summer

The Ruins Of Beverast

Батюшка (Krzysztof Drabikowski)

This is Batushka by Krzysztof Drabikowski, in other words the real band behind Litourgiya (2015) and Panihida (2019).

Батюшка exploded on the scene with their debut album Litourgiya in 2015, showing an exceptional blend of black metal and eastern orthodox music. The strong second album Panihida from May 2019 conserves the original idea as well as a distinct development into darker and more complex musical territories.

Observing that festivals and promoters still keep booking the fake version of this band, we are even more honoured to host the true version. The metal scene is not just about sales, numbers and money.

It’s about honour, integrity and justice

And it’s about real music.


These Greek occult black metallers have been burning the black flame since 1988. One of the inventors and a cornerstone of the Hellenic black metal scene, they released the classic demo «Procreation of the Unaltered Evil» in 1989.

The full length debut came in 1993, with the excellent «His Majesty at the Swamp». Last years 20th anniversary saw the release of the acclaimed album «Patriarchs of Evil».



Hailing from the city of Halden itself the band duly conquered their hometown fortress in the first edition of Imperium. Since then the band have travelled far and wide following the release of their fourth studio album, the acclaimed «Det svarte juv» (Peaceville Records).

Starting out in 2004 Mork have become a pillar of quality and delivers True Norwegian Black Metal of the highest order



The last years the Icelandic scene has certainly made its mark in the black metal community, and we are proud to present an act that represent the quality we find amongst many of the Icelandic bands.

Sinmara already impressed us when they toured in Scandinavia the autumn of 2019, and we are eager to present them to you at Imperium 2020.



The entity Enepsigos will do their first ever performance on norwegian soil during Imperium 2020. From what we have heard from their new album; “Wrath of Wraths”, this should be a performance to witness.

With members from Nordjevel, Blut Aus Nord and Strid; we are confident that the complexity from “Wrath of Wraths” will be brought on stage and give us a performance to remember.

DJEVEL - Black Metal with a melodic darkness from Oslo Norway

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