Imperium 2019, at the fortress of Fredriksten in Halden, Norway

The festival will take place at  the fortress of Fredriksten in Halden, Norway on July 12 to 13, 2019.

Bands that will be performing during are no less than Kampfar, Take, Deströyer 666, Valkyrja, Uada, Mork, Acârash, Ragnarok, Gehenna, Strid, Welcome To Hell.

IMPERIUM is a festival-concept based at the fortress of Fredriksten in Halden, Norway. The historic surroundings of the fortress creates the perfect venue to give both audience and artists an exclusive experience. The venues of the festival is located inside the citadel, with the main stage in open air and and a second venue inside the Hall of Fredrik the 3rd.

Imperium 2019, manin stage running order

Friday, July 12
18.00 Welcome to Hell
19.00 Strid
20.00 Valkyrja
21.15 Gehenna
22.30 Ragnarok
23.45 Deströyer 666

Saturday, July 13
19.00 Acârash
20.00 Uada
21.15 Mork
22.30 Taake
23.45 Kampfar

IMPERIUM 2019 line-up & more info:

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