Gorephilia – In The Eye Of Nothing

Gorephilia, are a death metal band from Finland, “In The Eye Of Nothing” is the band’s third full-length album since 2012, before that they have done two demos and an EP as well, and a split two years ago with Danish Undergang.

In The Eye Of Nothing” will be released on October 2nd via Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records.

Do not expect a Melodic Death Metal album, like how it often is when it comes to bands from Finland, playing death metal. This is more of a modern quite brutal death metal sound, with stains of old-school, more American type of death metal.

It’s not that there are no melodies here, there are, but there is not so much focus on the melodies, this is more brutality and heaviness. If you are looking for the more melodic type of death metal, look elsewhere.

Tons of great riffs and heavy and tight drums are to expect, and deep growling death metal vocals.

It seems like there always are coming lots of great metal out of my neighbor country Finland, but I guess it’s not something new for fans of extreme metal.


  1. Walls of Weeping Eyes [4:26]
  2. Perpetual Procession [6:29]
  3. Ouroboran Labyrinth [3:57]
  4. Devotion Upon the Worm [6:42]
  5. Consensus [1:29]
  6. Simplicity of Decay [5:23]
  7. Not for the Weak [5:38]
  8. Death Dream [1:36]
  9. Ark of the Undecipherable [7:15]


Tami Luukkonen (Bass)
Jukka Aho (Guitars/Vocals)
Kauko Kuusisalo (Drums)
Pauli Gurko (Guitars)

Artist: Gorephilia
Album title: In The Eye Of Nothing
Genre: Death Metal
Country/Location: Vantaa, Uusimaa
Record label: Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo
Release date: October 2, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Gorephilia - In The Eye Of Nothing
  • 80%
    Artist - Album - 80%
  • 80%
    Sound - 80%


Gorephilia and this album, “In The Eye Of Nothing” is a joy to listen to from start to end. I think it’s nice to hear “real” death metal once in a while, without too many melodies, and even better, without clean vocals. Hard to pick highlights or favorite tracks on this album, since it is so solid and all songs are great.

Would I bu this record?
This makes me maybe want to buy more death metal records again, sad that I traded/sold many vinyl records away for black metal records…

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