Gehenna – Murder

Norwegian black metal

Moonfog Productions (2000) – FOG 025
Vinyl, LP, Album, black vinyl with slip case cover

A1. Intro
A2. Murder
A3. Worthy Exit
A4. Devout Dementia
A5. The Crucified One

B1. Perfect Hate
B2. To The Grave
B3. Trail Of Blood
B4. Master Satan
B5. The Dead

Gehenna - Murder
  • Gehenna - Murder
  • Sound
  • Product/print look/quality


This is not one of the best releases by the Norwegian black metal band Gehenna. This is like in the middle between the first releases that are really good and underrated in many areas. This one may not be kind of underrated as well, it´s not bad but it´s not in the same league as the bands first three albums.

I am happy about that I managed to find this album anyway, its a Moonfog release in mint condition that the store must have had in their own warehouse or something, should be sold out since many years.

There is not much to say about the look & feel of the product, there is nothing special with it. The artwork are far from good. This is a “nice to have” release but I don´t think that I will play it very often.

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