Gaerea, second full-length album “Limbo” out on July 24th

The black metal band Gaerea from Portugal will release their third album “Limbo“, the second full-length through Season Of Mist on July 24th, 2020. The new album feature six new songs and it has a total running time of 51:44 minutes.

Cathartic black metal outfit Gaerea released their third track, taken from the bands upcoming full length “Limbo” a week ago.

The third single comes in the form of a music video, recorded in the streets of Porto. “Limbo” will see the light on July 24.

Gaerea – Conspiranoia (official music video) 2020

GAEREA comment: “Shot in the ancient Streets of Porto, Gaerea’s birth city, CONSPIRANOIA is much more than just an agonizing and mesmerizing voyage into the Vortex’s own Depths. Completely filled with small Easter Eggs throughout the clip which I know very few will be able to spot, the Music Video for the third and last LIMBO single crosses the line, the natural border between Reality and the mere Perception inside our memories, “dejavus” and romanticizing adventures. This is Gaerea being trapped inside its own world. The Martyrs inside Limbo. ”

Gaerea – Limbo
  1. To Ain
  2. Null
  3. Glare
  4. Conspiranoia
  5. Urge
  6. Mare

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Listen to the most poular Gaerea songs at Spotify..

Gaerea – To Ain (official video) 2020

Gaerea -‘Null’ (official music video) 2020

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