The black metal band Gaerea from Portugal returns in the middle of the summer with their third album, their second full-length album “Limbo“.

The album is like a punch in the stomach, not in a bad way, more like their music feels a lot when listening. The music is really intense but yet very well balanced and the vocals have just the right amount of angst.

This is a six-track long album that is excellent from the very beginning to the end, and when you reach the end, then you start over again, and still, it gives you everything, at least a could of more spins around.

Gaerea delivers their a bit unique black metal, with some sprinkles of hardcore, some stains of death metal, and maybe also some thrash metal with excellent balance, which make it interesting and maybe new for the ones who have missed to listen to the band. That may not be possible, I think I have seen things about Gaerea and “Limboeverywhere since a couple of months prior to the release.

The music is not always very fast, more of mid-tempo to a bit faster, and then back to mid-tempo, nice riffs, and melodies, but it is massive, thick, and heavy, kind of made for the huge festival stages, to make the crowd crazy.

I have not seen Gaerea live (yet), but I would not be surprised if there were a huge “wall of death” in the crowd when the band plays at some of the bigger metal festivals in Germany.

The band always cover their faces on photos and on stage, and their names are “unknown”, or more, not mentioned. By now I think there is some kind of inflation when it comes to “unknown” members in the band that doesn’t show their faces.

But, on the other hand, bands claim that the persons are unimportant and it is all about the music when the crowd doesn’t see the person. I can understand that, but, it is often that bands make a thing of the “unknown/unnamed” thing.

I mean, I am thinking about that, and I am also writing about that. If they’re were showing their faces I would never even think about or discuss how the band and members looked. So, I think the covering thing gives more attention actually. Enough of that, back to the music!

The songs are really strong and powerful, all six tracks have the same level, non of the songs really stand out, in this case, it does not matter, since all are equally good.

They released three of the six tracks as singles with official videos made, maybe not that strange, since the singer is quite known for his videos for other metal bands. But the bad thing with “all these” singles from a coming album is that there are not much left unheard when the actual album comes out.


1. To Ain (11:15)
2. Null (6:01)
3. Glare (7:16)
4. Conspiranoia (9:15)
5. Urge (4:50)
6. Mare (13:11)
Total playing time: 51:48

Artist: Gaerea
Album title: Limbo
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Portugal, Oporto
Record label: Season of Mist
Release date: July 24, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Gaerea - Limbo
  • 85%
    Artist - Album - 85%
  • 90%
    Sound - 90%


This is a great but maybe a bit different album in the black metal genre. But Gaerea delivers everything in an excellent way and they make it interesting to hear more.

All six tracks on this record are highlights by it selves, if I have to choose one song of the six, then it would be “Null“.

Would I buy this album?
Yes, for sure, but it’s sold out everywhere it seems like at the moment. Even my pre-ordered clear vinyl version was sold out I got a message about a few days after the release from CdOn.

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