Flagg – Nothing But Death

Flagg is a new band for me, or if it is a project as often when it comes to black metal. The band has two members, Flagg, who handle the instruments and Tyrant, who takes care of the vocal duties. If you are familiar with the Finnish bands Kalmankantaja and Malum, Tyrant is doing the vocals in those two bands as well.

This is really intense type of black metal, kind of raw and quite primitive, but yet melodic. It is like it was made many years ago, since the whole sound is quite flat and sometimes attack att full throttle, everything at once.

There are parts in the songs that are not total blastbeats all through, but most of the time its full attack.

You will not get much rest on “Nothing But Death“, except for in the track “Dark Clouds Gathering” wich a bit less intense. There are lots of things happening all the time, so if you are up to intense, quite melodic black metal with kind of flat sound, then check out Flagg, it’s good.

For a debut album “Nothing But Death” is really good, the album is quite solid, the thing that you could ask for is maybe a better sound, but then it would not be as raw as this album is.


  1. Destroy, Desecrate [04:15]
  2. Nothing but Death [03:45]
  3. Dark Clouds Gathering [05:13]
  4. Burning Sky [03:15]
  5. Abomination [04:25]
  6. Apex Predator [03:58]
  7. Sixth Sun Salvation [03:59]
  8. Last Breath Drawn [03:58]
  9. Towards Emptiness [08:35]


Flagg – Guitars, Bass, Synth
Tyrant – Vocals

Artist: Flagg
Album title: Nothing But Death
Genre: Black Metal
Country/Location: Finland, Turku, Varsinais
Record label: Purity Through Fire
Release date: June 8, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Flagg - Nothing But Death
  • 65%
    Artist - Album - 65%
  • 65%
    Sound - 65%


Flagg is a promising band (or project) with a really intense type of black metal, yet quite melodic with quite high pitched screaming vocals all through.

This may not be something you should listen to while you try to fall asleep, rather when you are trying to wake up.

Highlights or favorite track on this album are the opening track “Destroy, Desecrate“, “Dark Clouds Gathering” and the track “Last Breath Drawn“.

Would I bu this record?
Think so, if I manage to find it.

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