Eshtadur – From The Abyss

I must admit, it is really rare that I hear or listen to metal from South America, not that there are no good bands there, I am sure there are, but I guess that it is harder for the bands from, like in this case, Eshtadur, from Colombia to reach out to Europe, Scandinavia, and Sweden.

Eshtadur, is some kind of a mix between melodic death metal and symphonic black/death metal. Like if you mix later At The Gates, with som Bal-Sagoth, Septic Flesh, Rotting Christ, and maybe also some Zornheym and Carach Angren.

Sometimes I also think about Arch Enemy when listening to Eshtadur, and their coming album “From The Abyss”, especially the structure and the guitars in the song “The Red Door“.

The music is very melodic and catchy, but sometimes it speeds up a little and then it goes back to a steady mid-tempo “melodic death” sound with quite a lot of keyboards and similar that make it a “symphonic album”. It´s the faster parts of this record that I enjoy the most, like the song “Transient Stranger“, “The Oathbreaker” and “Disphased Dimension“.


  1. Lowborn Bastard [5:28]
  2. The Adverse Side [3:44]
  3. The Red Door [5:00]
  4. The Fall [3:46]
  5. She the Void [6:56]
  6. All She Wrote [4:17]
  7. Transient Stranger [4:18]
  8. The Oathbreaker [4:41]
  9. The Fear Diffuser [4:29]
  10. Disphased Dimension [4:35]



Artist: Eshtadur
Album title: From The Abyss
Genre: Melodic Death/Black Metal
Country/Location: Colombia, Pereira
Record label: Blood Blast Distribution (Nuclear Blast x Believe Digital)
Release date: September 4, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Eshtadur - From The Abyss
  • 55%
    Artist - Album - 55%
  • 65%
    Sound - 65%


This album, “From The Abyss” by the Columbian melodic/symphonic black/death metal band Eshtadur is not bad. When there is not so much keyboard I enjoy listening to it. But, on the other hand, symphonic is do involve keyboards, synths etc and that is often why I tend to get tired of it when it is too much of that part.

Favorite tracks on this album are “Transient Stranger“, “The Oathbreaker” and “Disphased Dimension“. I think both will appeal to many fans of melodic death metal.

Would I buy the album?
Maybe, but as stated above, I have a problem with too much symphonic stuff and too much melodies.


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