Enslaved, reveal second single ‘Jettegryta’ alongside video

Enslaved, reveal second single “Jettegryta” alongside video, launch album pre-order! The single is taken from the bands coming album “Utgard” to be released through Nuclear Blast on October the 2nd 2020.

It is not about avoiding fear of the pitch-black darkness, but to go into the darkness itself…

Enslaved, second single “Jettegryta” taken from coming album “Utgard”

Grutle Kjellson commented on the video: 
“Iceland was the perfect place to shoot the video for ‘Jettegryta’. Jettegryta translates to Giant´s Cauldron and refers to a phenomenon in nature, where rivers/running water – over a long period – create an often cylindrical hole in solid rock. In ancient Norse folklore, the Jette/Jotun (giants) made these cauldrons to cook in.

Although these particular nature phenomena don’t exist on the volcanic island of Iceland, there are plenty of other places on this magical island that could lead to the dwelling of the giants! When Norse settlers came to Iceland in the 8th and 9th century, the fumes and fog from the hot streams and the volcanos clearly told them that this island was inhabited by elves, dwarves and giants!

This reminded them of the stories of »Utgard«. To them, Iceland was on the doorsteps of »Utgard«, the outer borders of the world of men; a gateway. The lyrics of the song deal with entering such a mythological and esoteric place; deep within your own mind and imagination, a gateway into the dreams, the unconscious and the realm of chaos. We have tried to transform these words into this clip, and maybe you can feel a glimpse of what those early Icelanders felt when they first entered this realm!”

Norway’s premier progressive black metallers ENSLAVED have released the second single ‘Jettegryta’ from their upcoming studio album »Utgard«. The single is accompanied by a frost-bitten video, in which an Icelandic pristine glacial landscape is darkened by sinister events. Today, the band have also launched pre-orders for “Utgard”, which will be released on October 2nd.

Enslaved, first single “Homebound” taken from coming album “Utgard”

ENSLAVED will be releasing the new single via a limited edition 7″ vinyl format, restricted to 500 pieces. The single will be out on June 26th and can be pre-ordered here: http://nblast.de/HomeboundVinyl

The tracklist reads as follows:
1. Homebound [A-side]
2. Knights Of The Thunder (TNT Cover) [B-side]
The B-side of the ‘Homebound’ vinyl is an exclusive to this format.

Enslaved, “Utgard” tracklist:

  1. Fires In The Dark
  2. Jettegryta
  3. Sequence
  4. Homebound
  5. Utgarđr
  6. Urjotun
  7. Flight Of Thought And Memory
  8. Storms Of Utgard
  9. Distant Seasons

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