Dysylumn – Cosmogonie

French black metal duo, Dysylumn will release their “long runner” of an album, entitled “Cosmogonie” through Signal Rex on October 9th.

The album is unusually long, just over 1 hour and 21 minutes, and it will be released on triple cd, triple lp, and triple cassette.

When it comes to the music it’s really intense, not very fast, nor brutal and aggressive, but there are lots of things happening all the time.

Usually, when it comes to any kind of progressive metal it takes some time before you get into the music, at least it’s like that for me. On “Cosmogonie” everything is changing, from the vocal styles to the music and the tempo in the songs.

There are also lots of nice razor-sharp, typical black metal riffs in the songs, or, typical progressive black metal riffs would be more exact. The vocals here and there touch death metal, with quite deep growling vocals.

I would compare Dysylumn, with some well known Icelandic and German black metal bands. Like Svartidauði, Misþyrming, Sinmara, Ascension, and Chaos Invocation to name a few. It’s not totally similar, it’s more like, you get the point and have an idéa about what to expect.


  1. Intro [04:05]
  2. Apparition I [06:14]
  3. Apparition II [07:34]
  4. Apparition III [07:40]
  5. Dispersion I [07:57]
  6. Dispersion II [08:51]
  7. Dispersion III [09:42]
  8. Interlude [02:57]
  9. Extinction I [06:46]
  10. Extinction II [07:44]
  11. Extinction III [07:05]
  12. Outro [04:26]

Tracks 1-4 = Chapitre I – Apparition
Tracks 5-8 = Chapitre II – Dispersion
Tracks 9-12 = Chapitre II – Extinction


Sébastien Besson (Guitars, Bass, Vocals)
Camille Olivier Faure-Brac (Drums)

Artist: Dysylumn
Album title: Cosmogonie
Genre: Progressive Black/Death Metal
Country/Location: France, Lyon
Record label: Signal Rex
Release date: October 9, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Dysylumn - Cosmogonie
  • 70%
    Artist - Album - 70%
  • 75%
    Sound - 75%


Dysylumn and the album “Cosmogonie” is for you, who have the time to sit down and listen intensively, to the music that is just, intensively. You will get black/death metal that is really progressive and I think that if you like this type of music, then you will like this album. For me, the highlight or favorite track is the eleventh song, “Extinction III“, it closes the album a little before the outro.

Would I buy this album?
Maybe, because I think that “Cosmogonie” will be really good on vinyl, as long as it’s mastered for vinyl. But I believe it will be.

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