Djevel, discography will be released on tape

The whole Djevel discography will be released on tape through the French label Impure Wedding Productions.

Official releases by Impure Wedding Productions. Exclusively licensed by Aftermath Music Norway. Limited to 100 units.

DJEVEL “Dødssanger” tape version.
Strictly limited to 100 units worlwide, including DJEVEL sticker.

Dødssanger, tracklist

  1. Ingen vei tilbake
  2. Djevelheim
  3. Mørkefødt
  4. Da kvinnene brant
  5. Djevelslått
  6. Paakallelsen
  7. Vi malte verden i sort
  8. Paktens ende – i Satans eie

Click here to buy the tape at the Impure Wedding Productions shop

The tape is available to order now

Djevel “Besatt av Maane og Natt” tape version, lmited to 100 copies worldwide

Besatt av Maane og Natt, tracklist

  1. Besatt av maane og natt
  2. Aapne graver og tomme kister
  3. Marefar
  4. Tornekroner og geitehorn
  5. Blant fjell og falne
  6. Stjernesluker
  7. …og englene dinglet fra galgene
  8. Saa tok alt slutt

Click here to buy the tape at the Impure Wedding Productions shop

Pre-order now, the tape will be availble in July

Other Djevel news….

Djevel will play at Imperium Festival with Ved Buens Ende and Strid.

We do have an alternative to present from within the walls of the fortress. Unfortunately this will be a closed event without audience, but we will broadcast the event the 2nd of August….

Imperium Festival

A alternative to this years festival that is postponed until 8th-10th of JULY 2021 is something you should not miss.

If you already bought a festival-pass for Imperium 2020, you will get a ticket to this event for free when you transfer your festival-pass to 2021.

Click here for more information about Imperium Festival 2021

All others can get their ticket here:

More information about this event will be published soon.

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