Disrupted – Pure Death

Disrupted from Ludvika in Sweden are back with their third album, their second full-length album entitled “Pure Death“. It’s been five years since the last album “Morbid Death” was released.

The title on this album, “Pure Death” suits the music really well since this is pure death metal in the veins of early releases by bands like Dismember, Grave, Entombed, Nihilist, and later bands like Demonical and Lik. In other words, we are talking about old-school “Stockholm Death Metal” here.

Regarding the album titles on Disrupted´s album it’s pretty clear what this is about, like the debut EP from 2014, “Heavy Death“, then a year after in 2015 they released the album “Morbid Death” and now, the coming album, “Pure Death“. So it’s pretty clear what Disrupted is about, death.

It seems like the Disrupted is quite unknown, but I hope that this album will make them reach a bigger crowd.

I hope that fans of this type of old-school, mid-tempo death metal will discover the band and that there still is a living death metal scene in Sweden. Disrupted prove that there is still a scene for this type of death metal.


  1. Blood Worship
  2. Human Stew
  3. Born in a Corpse
  4. Carve
  5. Headless Torso
  6. Total Death
  7. Pestilential Vomit
  8. Goat Lord
  9. Chopped Into Oblivion
  10. Slave from the Grave


Mikael Hanni – Vocals
Thomas Liljekvist – Guitars
Tommy Haglund – Bass
Daniel Liljekvist – Drums

Artist: Disrupted
Album title: Pure Death
Genre: Death Metal
Country/Location: Sweden, Ludvika
Record label: Memento Mori / De:Nihil
Release date: October 26, 2020

Format Reviewed: Digital promotion album, 320 kbp/s mp3

Disrupted - Pure Death
  • 70%
    Artist - Album - 70%
  • 80%
    Sound - 80%


Disrupted prove with their latest album, “Pure Death” that there still is a living death metal scene in Sweden. That makes me happy since when thinking back to the early ’90s there were so many bands, often it was like the bands then were cast from the same mold. If you are into old-school “Stockholm Death Metal”, then you must check out this band and album!

Would I buy this album?
Think so, we’ll see if I stumble upon after it has been released.

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