Desolator, new album “Sermon of Apathy” is out

The Swedish death metal band Desolator released their second full-length album “Sermon of Apathy” yesterday through Black Lion Records.

“Sermon of Apathy”, track-list:

  1. Portal Tomb
  2. Adversarial Doctrine
  3. Creatures of Habit
  4. Methods of Self-Deception
  5. The Human Condition
  6. Vaticide
  7. The Great Law of the Dead

All tracks written, performed and recorded by Desolator

Drums recorded at Wing Studios, engineered by Sverker Widgren
Guitars, bass and vocals recorded by Desolator
Mixed and mastered by Jari Lindholm

Cover art by Alex Tartsus
Logo by Johan Nilsson

Released September 4, 2020

Desolator 2020, photo by Jens Rydén

Desolator line-up:

Joakim Rudemyr – Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Bergkvist – Bass, Vocals
Stefan Nordström – Guitars, Vocals
Victor Parri – Drums

Karl Sanders (Nile) – Guitar solo on “The Great Law of the Dead”
Oliver Palmquist (Phidion) – Additional vocals on “The Great Law of the Dead”

DESOLATOR – “The Great Law of the Dead” feat. Karl Sanders (Nile) (Official audio 2020)

The Great Law of the Dead” is the album’s epic closing track, an almost nine-minute dive into Lovecraftian horror, featuring an awesome guest solo by Nile’s Karl Sanders. It’s one of Desolator’s most ambitious tracks so far, and it’s an honor to have one of our musical idols play on it.

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